Spinning Classes at BRG

30 to 50 minutes long • Burns up to 550 calories

What to Expect in Your Spinning Class


Come prepared to work hard and sweat your way to great cardio fitness. Spinning classes include a mixture of cycling drills in an upbeat class setting. You'll use our top of the line cycling bikes and adjust the resistance to meet your own workout needs.


What to Bring to Barre Classes


Please wear comfortable exercise clothing, athletic shoes, and a water bottle. 


Spinning Class Memberships


Spinning classes are included in all BRG membership packages. Compare gym membership packages to find which one is best for you!


Types of Spinning Classes


At BRG, we offer two kinds of spinning classes: regular spinning and spinning recovery. Each both last for 30-45 minutes in a small class setting.



Regular Spinning Classes

Spinning class includes a mixture of beginning, intermediate and advanced cycling drills that will give you the calorie burn you desire. Get your heart pumping with these group cycling classes where participants can modify the bike’s resistance to meet their own personal workout/training needs. Bring your energy, and prepare to have fun. Heart rate monitors recommended but not mandatory. Come prepared to work hard and sweat your way to great cardio fitness.



Spinning Recovery

Spinning Recovery: We may not always want to take time to rest, but the recovery process is crucial to developing strength and improving our fitness. This active recovery session will help you get stronger by incorporating low-intensity work on the spin bike. We'll focus on breathing techniques, muscle control and our mind-body connection throughout this short ride. All fitness levels are welcome!  (30 minute special spinning class, once a month, Monday night).