BRG Hybrid Personal Training

Hybrid Team Training

Hybrid Team Training

Hybrid Team Training is a RESULTS based personal training in a group setting. A full body workout, 50 minutes long, combining both strength and endurance at the same time. Want to get stronger, slimmer and more athletic? Hybrid team training will provide you a fastest path to better strength and conditioning. Training sessions focus on regular, foundation, animal and boxing. 

Training sessions will finish with a therapeutic yoga stretch sessions (10 minutes) focuses on emphasize engagement and release of specific muscle groups, such as low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, tightness in the hips, and more. 


HTT-Regular is BRG signature hybrid team training. A fun and guided conditioning workout can help you to build physical strength, help reduce the risk of injury, get you leaner FASTER. Our coach will guide you in a fun and motivating workout to fit your busy schedule!    



You cannot build a great house without a solid and decent foundation, so does your fitness training. HTT-Foundation is our basic layer of conditioning training. With a full-body challenging program, you will learn proper movement, avoid injury, make progress at your own pace, build confidence and success on your fitness path.   


HTT- Animal is a safe, fun and high intensive full body workout. Equipped with lots of fun fitness equipment like kettle bells, sleds, battling ropes, agility ladder and much more. You and your teammates will experience the ultimate rush, sweat, laugh and burn to reach your full inner athletic potential!   



Get your gloves and mitts ready to feel the burn in this high intensity Hybrid Boxing Team Training! Our couch will teach you proper boxing techniques and skills, lead you through a professional boxer workout and a fast-metabolic conditioning training! Punch! Kick! Block! Push your limits! 

See the Hybrid Team Training schedule here.

Hybrid Small Group Training

Are you looking for a personalized setting, in-depth instruction, focus on your specific goals, and faster results? BRG hybrid small group training is just as good as private personal training at a fraction of the cost. Plus with the added motivation of your workout partners. In hybrid small group training, you will have the ultimate hands-on coaching experience, guidance and support to reach your RESULTS and success!  

BRG Private Personal Training

During BRG private personal training, we will place you in the proper level of training for your specific goals and concerns. All of our private personal training is completely individualized to meet your need. You are moving forward to meet your dream self!   

Pilates Reformer Training

Coming soon!


Coming soon!