Our Team

Our full-time team of personal trainers, instructors for yoga classes, hybrid training classes, hot yoga, zumba, barre, and more are all here to support you in your fitness journey. Sign up for a membership today to get started!

BRG Kids Center Attendants

Our Kids Center attendants are all about play. While you work out, they'll keep your kids entertained with toys, activities, and games. Your kids will love it so much, they'll push you to come back! That's a total win for your exercise routine.

24/7 gym in Columbia, MO with childcare
  • Alyssa Jennings
  • Casey Ladlie
  • Caroline Andrews
  • Ellie Stingley
  • Ellen Thieme
  • Haley Null
  • Jordan Kemling
  • Miranda Matchell
  • Kaitlyn Winters
  • Kaitlin Karney
  • Kaylynne Luck
  • Tionna Jackson