Our Team

Our full-time team of personal trainers, instructors for yoga classes, hybrid training classes, hot yoga, Zumba, barre, and more are all here to support you in your fitness journey. Sign up for a membership today to get started!


Stephen Gibbons
BRG Hybrid Boxing Coach/Hybrid Team Training Trainer/Customer Service

Professional boxing fighter
Areas of Focus:
Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning
Sport Specific Training (Boxing & Kickboxing)
HIIT Training, Circuit Training
Weight Loss
Philosophy and Personal Accomplishments:
I have always found the gym to be a place to get away from everyday life, relieve stress and improve myself everyday. Being active and healthy positively affects all facets of life. Exercising and training will help you reach your goals and progress to be better every day. Stephen is a active fighter, competes in many kickboxing and USA boxing tournaments.


James Williamson
BRG Hybrid Team Training Trainer & Yoga Instructor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Division I College Athlete
Areas of Focus:
Strength Training, Functional Movement, HIIT Training
Mobility Training
Personal Accomplishments & Philosophy:
I wrestled competitively from age four all the way through college at the University of Missouri where I was nationally ranked. I was also a two time Missouri State Champion in class 4A. It is extremely fulfilling to watch someone's confidence and personality blossom as they progress towards and reach their fitness goals. I am experienced in working with all fitness levels - from great athletes to beginners, I would love to help you achieve your fitness goals!


Toni Matson
BRG Hybrid Team Trainer/Customer Service

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Fitness Philosophy
We’re only given one body, we need to eat well and exercise because we love ourselves - not the other way around! We’re much more likely to stick with this kind of lifestyle if we’re not trying to mold ourselves into something we’re not.

Personal Accomplishments
As someone who has overcome an eating disorder, I have learned to love my body for what is is in all stages of fitness. It is so important to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and I have been able to advocate for people who aren’t quite comfortable in their own skin just yet.


Ian Erwin
BRG Hybrid Team Trainer/Customer Service
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Pursuing Bachelors in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Human Performance

Fitness Philosophy/ Personal Accomplishments:
I played sports all through high school and physical activity has always been apart of my life. Physical activity and nutrition is beneficial to overall health and well being and it is important to find some sort of exercise you enjoy! Exercise to me is a huge stress relief and a break from everyday life. 


Elizabeth  LaPointe
BRG Fitness Instructor-Spinning

Education and Certifications:
Bachelor of Art in Biological Science- University of Missouri
Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Life is short, wear sequins!
The same goes for your workouts! Don't wait around for life's special occasions to invest in your body and health- celebrate it every day!

Personal Accomplishment:
Being a Tough Mudder Legionnaire


Erica Martin, BRG Fitness Instructor-Spinning
Certified Spinning instructor
Fitness Philosophy:
Group fitness is about being a part of a team that works hard together. My role is to teach you the skills and safety necessary so you can get stronger & build up your endurance. I'm here to help motivate you through each repetition!
Personal Accomplishments:
My passion for martial arts and my black belt in Taekwondo encouraged me to start teaching Les Mills Body Combat in 2011 so I could show fitness is also about having fun. Shortly thereafter, I fell in love with the Spin program and became a certified Spinning instructor in 2013. After Spin came running, and I completed my first half-marathon in 2015. I'm currently on a kayaking-kick, so who knows what my next adventure will be?!


Sadaf Abadi
BRG Fitness Instructor-Zumba

Education and Certifications:
Bachelor of Arts in French
CPR/First Aid  

Personal Accomplishments
I started learning dance since I was a little girl, performed in many professional dance competition. I love traditional Persian dance, belly dance and salsa dance. I often combine different styles of dance in Zumba classes, offering a fun and effective dance workout routine. I am also a competitive swimmer, swim instructor, and life guard, licensed photography and a mum of a busy 2 years old. 


Sarah Judd
BRG Fitness Instructor- Yoga

Education and Certifications:
Bachelor of Art in English
Bachelor of Art in Spanish
Bachelor of Art in Psychology
CPR/AED/BLS Certified

Fitness Philosophy:
We should love ourselves through all the stages of our fitness journey. No matter if we are meeting our goals or feeling like they are farther off than ever. Loving ourselves and positive self-talk should be with us throughout our journeys.


Gina Khine BRG Fitness Instructor-Yoga
Fitness Philosophy:
Health is Wealth! Having a balanced life style of physical exercise, healthy diet and mindfulness can lead to a healthy mind, body, soul and longevity.
Personal Accomplishments:
I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years. I wasn’t really sure the benefits of yoga at the beginning but the more I practice, the more I’m aware of my body, see the progress with mindfulness, breath, gaining strength & flexibility and I completely fell in love with it. To broaden my own knowledge and practice, I decided to do yoga certification and I obtained one in Iyengar Yoga series. As yoga comes in different forms and styles, I like practicing Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) as well. Currently I’m practicing Ashtanga Yoga primary & secondary series. Yoga is a lifelong journey!!


Gamal Castile
Nutrition Coach, Fitness Advisor

Education & Certifications:
B.S. Ed.. from University of Missouri
Master at Lindenwood University include: Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Nutrition, Psychology and Health
Certified Health Educator (K-12)-Missouri Dept. of Education

Area of Focus:
Health and nutrition consultation
Strength Training
Weight loss
Chronic and acute kinesthetic prehab/rehab


BRG Kids Center Attendants

Our Kids Center attendants are all about play. While you work out, they'll keep your kids entertained with toys, activities, and games. Your kids will love it so much, they'll push you to come back! That's a total win for your exercise routine.

24/7 gym in Columbia, MO with childcare


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