Strength Training for the Win: See Shawn's Progress

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Meet Shawn, 48, Owner of Dsport, who started at 207 pounds and is currently at 200. He's lost 7 pounds of pure fat and gained 4 pounds of solid muscle.

Strength Training for the win see shawn's progress

Shawn before he started going to BRG.

How was your overall experience?

My experience has been awesome! Physically and Mentally! John and Cindy have a great gym! They do an exceptional job. I really enjoy working out there.

What was your motivation for making a change? 

My motivation was several issues: Age, Stress, Looking and feeling bad, Clothes started not to fit, I wasn’t feeling mentally sharp like I needed to be. I needed to clean up some bad health habits.

What did a normal day look like you before you started working out and then after you started working out at the gym? 

losing one pound of fat makes a huge difference, especially compared to gaining a pound of muscle.

losing one pound of fat makes a huge difference, especially compared to gaining a pound of muscle.

Before I started working out a normal day would be stopping by McDonalds and get a biscuit and coffee, getting to work about 7am and work until noon, eat something bad for lunch. Work until 5-6pm and then go somewhere and get 2 to 3 and beers because of the stressful day.
Now I get to work at 7am, eat a protein bar with a cup of coffee, black. Leave at 11 am to BRG and workout in the Hybrid class for 1 hour. Come back to work and eat a healthy lunch, - Salad, or chicken sandwich. At night I try to eat light with maybe just a can of Black beans or another salad. I drink a lot of tea, and water. Sometimes I do indulge in a few slices of pizza. But I know I will pay for it in the next workout, so I really try to avoid it now.

Shawn after a workout at BRG.

What kinds of exercises did you do, and what foods did you eat? 

For exercises I do mainly cardio on M, W, F, and strength training on T,Th. These classes are very challenging. My first class I only lasted 20 minutes and thought I was going to die. I try to make it to the Saturday classes for the Animal training, love this class because of the higher level of training.

How long have you been at BRG, and who have you worked with? 

I have been at BRG for 5 months. My instructor is Corey Sapp. I owe him a lot for helping me get back in shape.