Healthy & Strong: Team Training Success

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Meet Kalene, 33, who works at her restaurant G and D Steakhouse.


What was your motivation for making a change?

I used to work out pretty often, but then I got pregnant with my second child and stopped working out halfway through that pregnancy. After my son turned six, it was definitely time to start working out again! I had slowly gained weight and not lost some of my weight from pregnancy and it was definitely time! 

What did a normal day look like before you started working out versus now?

My typical day isn't too much different except 6 mornings a week, I go to the gym at 9 AM before I head into work. If you would have told me last summer that I would be working out six days a week and loving it, I would not have believed it. But I love the people that I work out with and actually look forward to going to the gym every morning.

What kinds of exercises did you do and what foods did you eat?

I do team training most mornings and I also do barre classes and kickboxing classes. I have always eaten generally pretty healthy, but I have started working out more, I have definitely made it more of a priority to eat clean.

How long have you been at BRG and who have you worked with?

I have been working out at BRG since it opened last summer. Corey, Stephen and Caroline are my team training instructors and Melanie and Katrina teach my barre classes.

What success have you had?

Since last summer, I am 15 pounds lighter, but have lost more than that because I have gained a lot of muscle also.