Six Ways to Say Goodbye to Stress

Stress is part of our daily lives, unfortunately, with all the hustle and bustle of today’s modern society.

While we can’t eliminate stress totally from our lives, we can definitely keep it from becoming overwhelming.

Maintaining and preventing stress is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only does managing stress keep us more relaxed, it can actually prevent physical illnesses, too. Want to live a relaxed, healthy life? You need to read this list.


1. Unplug.

Do a social media detox where you don’t check your social media for a specific time. Or, simply start keeping track your time spent on social media. (Pro tip: iPhone users can easily track this with the “Screen Time” feature.)

2. Get moving.

Going to the gym is a great way to work off your stress, but you don’t have to be drenched in sweat to feel more relaxed. You can reduce stress simply by going for a walk, stretching, doing light yoga, or even just doing household chores.

3. Unleash your creativity.

Find a hobby that you enjoy that requires focusing your mind on a single task. This way, you won’t spend time ruminating over the past or worrying about the future. Potential hobbies include baking, playing an instrument, gardening or sewing.

4. Connect with others.

According to the Mayo Clinic, social contact is a great stress reliever because it offers distraction and support. Consider grabbing a coffee with a friend, calling a family member, or even meeting new people by volunteering.

5. Be mindful.

Meditation can help reduce and manage stress, but if “ohm-ing” isn’t your thing, try an alternative: mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing solely on what you’re doing—one thing at a time. You can be mindful of your senses (What can you see? Smell? Hear? Feel? Taste?), your breathing (Are you taking short breaths because something is worrying you?), or simply noticing the world around you.

6. Get more sleep.

Sleep is important to a healthy lifestyle. It can improve your health, mood, and cognitive abilities. A few tricks to getting more sleep include skipping out on those afternoon coffees, keeping your electronics away from your bedroom, and sleeping in a very dark environment. It also helps to stick to a regular sleep schedule!

7. Bonus tip: pet an animal!

Being with animals releases dopamine and serotonin, which help your body calm itself. Plus, your pets will appreciate the extra attention.

These are just a few ways to help reduce your stress. Find what works for you! If your stress becomes a significant problem that hinders you from doing everyday tasks, seek help from a mental health professional.

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