Meet the Team: Ellen

Meet Ellen, one of our Group Instructors.

Ellen has a Bachelor of Educational Studies and is CPR/AED/First Aid Certified. She believes that fitness is a journey to self love that should be accessible to everyone. All attempts to further that journey should be fiercely supported in a meaningful, healthy way.

What does a typical day look like for you?

For me, every day is different. Some days I am teaching, some days I'm taking pole, swing dance, or yoga classes. I have found that it is in my best interest to be physically active in some way each day. However, I would say that the true constants that I find in each day are 1) spending time with my animals 2) communicating meaningfully with friends 3) and learning something or engaging in a creative process.

What's your favorite thing about your job?

I love getting to move. It has been one of my favorite things since childhood. That movement becomes even better when I get to help foster a community that moves with me. The most rewarding thing in the world is seeing an individual be proud of the work they put in and getting to be a part of that.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of work?

I'm getting more into cooking, but I currently love to take different fitness classes, create special effects makeup looks, read, and spend time with friends.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

If I was an animal, I would definitely be a sun bear. I love climbing things and taking naps, and I am fiercely protective of the people I care about.

What advice would you give someone looking for a job in your field?

I would tell them to hone a skill, get certified, develop their communication and descriptive language abilities, be kind, and just apply!