Barre Classes at BRG

50 minutes long • Burns up to 550 calories

Barre is a ballet inspired, full-body workout that focuses on building a long, fit, tone and lean physique. It's a fun, female-only environment where you can grow stronger and more toned through a combination of classical ballet, yoga, pilates, and functional isometric strength training techniques.

What to Expect in Your Barre Class


Each barre class at BRG is 50 minutes long and low-impact. You'll join a classroom of up to 12 students as we exercise together. You'll use light weights (2, 3 or 5 pounds dumbbells) to tone and a yoga mat to do floor exercises. During some barre classes we may add resistance bands, pilates rings, or weighted balls.

We always offer modifications and alternative stretches to let you choose your challenge level: feel free to pick a more comfortable set of weights, and choose the modifications that work for you!   


What to Bring to Barre Classes


Please wear comfortable exercise clothing, no shoes, regular socks, and a water bottle. Special yoga or pilates socks with grips are preferred. You can bring your own yoga mat or borrow one from our front desk.


Barre Class Memberships

Barre classes are included in all BRG membership packages.

Types of Barre Classes


At BRG, we offer 3 kinds of barre classes – each focused on different areas: regular barre class, barre-booty and barre-sculpting. Barre-booty workouts put more emphasis on strengthening your legs and glutes, while barre-sculpting adds emphasis on toning and shaping your abdominals.



Regular Barre Classes

RegularBarre: a ballet inspired, full-body workout that focuses on building a long, fit, tone, and lean physique. Classes use a combination of principles from ballet, yoga, pilates and isometric strength training. Class starts with a warm up, then moves into a sequence of upper-body exercises (optional light weights for resistance), lower-body exercises, abdominal works and finishes with a cool down.



Barre Booty

A full-body workout concentrating on lower-body exercises, this class will give you a sexy lifted booty and toned legs. 



Barre Sculpting

A full-body workout that focuses on strength and flexibility, you will leave with a long, lean refreshed and relaxed body.